Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Reason I Shouldn't Eat Pizza Before Bed

Tuesday was uneventful. It made me laugh a little bit how incredibly uneventful it was. I woke up around 9, and commenced to rearrange my room. Once I had successfully rearranged my room, I stretched, and played a game that I've been trying to finish up. I got a decent amount of it under my belt, and then coach had me set up an open gym and I went over there.

That was the most frustrating open gym ever, I was extremely frustrated with it. There were like 25 people there, and it sucked royally. I don't want anybody to take this the wrong way, I am glad people come to open gym, but open gym is for the team, not for all of these random dudes that just show up out of the blue. It wasn't any fun for me. I lost every game, first time, ever.

Kevin was ordering some pizza after I'd got out of the shower at home, so I decided that would be easier than trying to go out and find something. I grabbed a sausage and pepperoni. Just as I finished that, Bria got off work and came over, and I was soo excited. Bria is awesome!! We ate pizza, talked, played a couple games, and it was really fun being with her.

She left, and I fell asleep. I forgot that eating pizza after 6 is a really bad idea. I have some very, very twisted dreams every time I eat pepperoni. I had a dream last night that I was a sorcerer in the medieval ages, and that I had command of lightning. So I was going around zapping everybody, and then Mr. Ooze (from the Power Rangers movie):

Yeah, him! He oozed me, and beat me senseless. I woke up banging my head (not to the point where it hurt) against a wall (which is super weird).

Then, I had a dream that there was this crazy mini-golf place that I went to, where you had to throw your golf ball around with your hands until a bell rang, and then you could putt. But you couldn't just roll the ball, you had to throw it. It was crazy. Then at the end, some mini-golf places have that "last hole" where you can win something or whatever, they had a ramp that went to this bell. I hit it, and won a free vacation to the Bahamas. But, all the sudden everyone started worshipping me, as though I was a God, because nobody had ever done that before. I tried to run away with my friend in the dream (no idea who it was), but we couldn't get out of there. Then, I woke up to getting shot, which was the outside gate slamming.

Overall, I remembered why I shouldn't eat pizza right before bed. Pepperoni and cheese are a bad combination for my already crazy imagination :)

1) I got my room rearranged, and now it's clean, and compared to how crazy bad it was. Ugh.
2) I was extremely well tempered emotionally all day yesterday, which was the first day in a long time, I had a very happy disposition all day.
3) My anxiety never bugged. It felt nice to have a day without being anxious.

Tests start for this week for me today :O Wish my luck.



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