Monday, January 9, 2012

2 Months? I'm Back Now!

It was brought to my attention today that I haven't posted for a while. I looked at the dates, and I realized that the last post was on November 11th of last year, and that will simply not do. So, I'm sitting in Accounting 201- possibly the most dry, counterintuitive, and boring class in the entire universe, and I'm catching up on the events of the new year, and everything in between.

The basketball season is picking up steam. Our team is looking very, very good, and we are finally achieving the success that we have strived for since the beginning of the season. Our team has been slightly restructured- we are no running 4 guards out, and one big in; I guess Wagner didn't like me playing on the outside that much, but, it has really boosted our ability to run the floor, and play inside-out.

Christmas was good. I got to spend time with my family, and it's always nice to be around them. We had a lot of fun. My sister Marquelle blew out her other knee, which has been a real downer for her, but she's been a super trooper for the most part. ACL injuries suck. I've had one, this is her second. Patience is thin, frustration is high, and the world feels like it's falling in on you. She had a really good disposition for the most of the holiday, and I was so glad that that's what she decided to throw in her outlook. My dad and mom were fun. They made the break very fun, and entertaining. Jaysa looked good, and was her fun, exciting self. We also got to go up and visit the whole family, and that was incredibly fun.

Lejana and I were able to spend New Year's together. For those of my readers who don't know who Lejana is, she is my girlfriend. She's amazing- been a wonderful influence on me, and helps me become better every day. I want to be a better person because I know her. We went night swimming with a large group of kids. I of course kissed her at midnight, the first kiss of our new year... Then I dropped her. That was embarrassing. I suppose I should've thought that one through. But it was a great night, and we had a lot of fun.

So now school is back in session. That's going to be brutal. I hate school. I hate the pointlessness of 90% of the classes we are told to take by people who think that we need to "broaden our view of horizons and courses one can take". I know the course I want to take, and I can guarantee that biology is not anywhere near it :P

So, here it is the start of the new year. I'll post my resolutions in the next couple of days.

Game day tomorrow! I'm super excited =D