Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hawaii... Belated

Time flies when you live in paradise. And Laie is just that... Paradise. I can't think of a place I'd rather live. I decreed last week that I would never leave this place. It's incredible.

So here I am, sitting in my dorm room, writing a blog post for the first time in my three weeks here. There might be too much to cover, so the snapshot look at all of this is the beach is beautiful, the people are great, the school has creepy and weird rules that make almost no sense or have anything to do with anything, and I've been a little bit sick for the past couple of weeks.

Regardless, so many great things have happened since being out here. I have made some great friends in my roomies. Pablo Coro, Jasper Wieling, and B.J. Ford are the greatest! You, reader, should meet them sometimes, I'll try to give updates on their lives often too, so that you feel that you have. Pablo walks outside almost every morning, extends his hands, palms upwards and says "this is so nice" in his very Chilean accent. He's right. It is, it is quite nice.

Basketball is going great. The team cares about the team, and not just themselves- which is a refreshing change. This is what a team that wins feels like. When people are worried about each other, and not so much what they are going to have or do. Our team is stacked, and we are going to make a great run this year, I'm soo excited.

It's funny- the Hawaiian's know exactly how to handle the whole tourism thing- "come and give us your money, and then leave". That's what honolulu is. The North shore though! Man... I love it. There is just nothing more beautiful, or pleasant, or happy. It's what you see in the movies, the back woods of nowhere where it's just you, the few people around you, and nature.

That's all I've got for now. Just wanted an update. There have been tons of pictures added on facebook (friendface (lol)), so feel free to check those out :)