Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's Her Birthday!!

Today is the birthday of the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and before you clamor to google, it isn't some actress who's overpayment has led to some onslaught of drug issues and is therefore no longer attractive. It is my wife's birthday!

Lejana Leigh Funk is an amazing woman, who I probably don't deserve. She is loving, caring, kind, cheerful, happy, sweet, and tender. For those of you who know me- those really aren't my strongest suits. They are hers. She is an amazing woman who really knows how to keep our family together, and has a great disposition about everything she does. I wish that everyone had the chance to see her in action, because they would be amazed by the things that she sacrifices in our family.

Our family may be small, but it is busy. Playing basketball takes a lot of time out of my day. There are sometimes where I go to school around 8, and don't get home until about 6 P.M.; and this woman is so supportive, and so wonderful and I just wanted to shout it from a mountain... But I don't have a mountain, I have a blog. And so here is my wife, whom I love so very, very much.

And, in honor of the occasion, I offer my wife a poem for the world to read. I can't promise it will be good, but at the very least it is very heartfelt.


When I was but a little boy, I thought that heroes weren't real
Because all I saw was Superman fighting the bad guys who would steal
Spidey crawling on the walls, swinging through the sky on web
And Batman in his Batmobile fighting Jokers too instead

But then I met my Lejana Leigh, a girl who's full of grace
She showed me what it was to live, and feel feelings I'd misplaced
And now I know my hero, is the woman who swooped in to save me
and just like all the supermen, she is more than men can be

Heroes are all around, but none as strong as my wife
I know that I can be with her through forever and this life
She is my heart's companion, makes me sing when I'm awake
For her I'll reconcile, every one of my foolish mistake(s)

So keep saving me Lejana, your "Mansel" in distress
and I will laud your prowess, and say "hey, you look GORGEOUS in that dress"
You are my guardian angel, my goddess and my muse
And I will always love you, and promise that that is no ruse.