Monday, January 6, 2014

First Day of the New Semester

I set my alarm this morning for 7:15. I had a reason for doing so last night. Now I'm literally kicking myself. It was a poor decision. I had the opportunity to sleep for another 30 minutes. Oh, well. I can't remember why I wanted to get up a little earlier, so I guess I'll just live with the decision.

Today marks the first day of class of my final semester as a Senior. That's not to say that I am done with school. I have a whole year of ball I want to play. I hope to be able to accomplish that. However, it is a weird feeling, as real life gets closer. But I must admit that I am so grateful for the transition phase that has existed. I had an opportunity to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and while serving that mission I was able to grow up rather quickly. My experience was much different than others, and I reference it a lot, because for me, I felt more like I was being beaten with a rake than much else- however, I would now say that my mission experience gave me insight that I wouldn't have found anywhere else. While it has been ridiculously hard trying to figure out how to transition from the hardships of my mission. I will say that it was worth it, and it helped me grow up in a way that I think I needed. From High School to college, I had the mission transition, from that I had school, and though it's been a long shift in the paradigm of life, I feel as though school has slowly and gently prepared me for the real world.

I wouldn't say that I am 100% ready, I would just say that I didn't have to dive right into it. A lot of people here in Hawaii go straight to their jobs because school is so expensive, and unions can get enough money for employees to live on to the employees themselves. I think that's crazy. To jump from High School right into real life would be so hard I think. This transition phase has been something that I think will be a great benefit to myself, and my family.

Aleiah has started teething this week. The poor girl cries and cries and gets all snotted up, and any parent knows this, but it's hard to watch. She struggled pretty bad yesterday and last night. Man that extra little sleep would have been nice. 

Tonight is also another basketball game for the team. Mens' and Womens' teams both have a game tonight, and I get to do play-by-play for the womens' game, and possibly color for the mens'. That's something I really enjoy, doing this broadcasting thing. I really, really hope I can find a career in it.

So. I just thought I would get a little bit in here before class. That's all I have to say really. Another semester, here we go. It should be fun. Excited for tonight. The end.