Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Girls Night

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you read it right. I was part of my first ever girls night... Before I get into the whole of the story, let me hit up a couple of... of lowlights of the day.

1) Professor Nelson, my sociology teacher, didn't like what Kayla and I did on our papers for the class, and is making me rewrite it. Bleck.

2) I took my sociology final... It was ok. I hate that class. Sociology is pointless. If you are a sociology major, I apologize. There is no applicable field of study for sociology majors. It's a fancy word for human statistics. A statistician could do the job of a sociologist. Besides- I personally think matters of the mind should be handled by a psychologist, not a person trying to treat human beings as measurable numbers. Who cares what an argument consists of. When constructing an argument, I would never think of how valid it is. I'm right, and that's it ;)

Ok... Ok. I will concede that I am sure that SOMEWHERE in the universe, sociology is applicable. I just wish that I wouldn't be forced into it's useless GEness that I was forced into. I will maintain that opinion if that's all right folks.

Now. Moving on. I went to a game night tonight- which ended up being a girls night- which ended up making em feel out of place- let's show you the way it worked out for me.

The girls:

Bria is the one in the middle there, surrounded by all her "peeps". I personally felt something like... Something like this:

Haha- nah, it wasn't that bad. It is interesting though. I have discovered something in my life that I wish to share with the world however, and that is this:

 Girls. Please do not read into anything a guy does, responds to, or says. We are RETARDED, we still find farts funny, we haven't got an idea in the world what we think of this, that, or the other, and just because we didn't text you back after 10 minutes does not mean we are with some other chick. For real. Calm down. Odds are we have NOTHING going on in our heads, and you are overreacting. If a guy is thinking something while you are talking- it probably has to do with food, or sleep, or Madden. Just move along, and forget it- there is nothing going on up there. We don't think like that. Your drama-infused mind thinks like that. That is you. We are different. Thank you :)

We played a few games, laughed a little bit, and then Bria and I came back to watch "The Fat Guy Strangler" from Family Guy. Let me show you a few of my favorite scenes from that one:

I hope you at least chuckled when Peter discovers he has an orbit, because that's freakin' hilarious.

I also learned today that I have to stay here 'til Tuesday. Which is really, really frustrating. We already are limited on our amount of time we can be back at home, I wish that it was as important to everyone else as it is to me that this visit home gets maximum time. Oh, well. Nothing I can do now.

Well, besides that, I have another picture to toss in here. Want to see the world's cutest dog? That's my dog, Ty. I love him. He's a dumb dog, but he is my dumb dog (we all claim that he is our own, and that he likes a best... manipulative terd face! :P)

Let's compare him to another evil dog, and you can duke it out for yourselves:

See my point. Ty is awesome! Good boy, Ty!

Alright, and to the meaty stuff


1) Survived my Soc final, which stressed me out more than anything. Yay!
2) Survived girls night, which you might find funny, but... That's a lot of estrogen, and for me, a decently large group of unknown people, and my anxiety- sometimes it can be a little bit much! I'm glad it worked out tonight.

And there you go- a nice little Wednesday. *eh-hem* let's move ahead now.


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