Thursday, September 20, 2012

A post.

Well. We've now gapped two months or so since I've posted anything on the blog. I'm sure that you are all wondering what happened. We got married- and then life hit, and now we're trying to keep our heads above water as we try to keep this marriage thing going.

I would happily post wedding pictures on the blog- but I feel like they are doing great by themselves on Facebook- so check them out there, comment on them- tell us how hot we look (Lejana really likes that- so, just keep stroking her ego. I don't mind it, but, she checks all the damned notifications before I can ever check facebook. So in all reality- she's the only that's gonna see it). So, if I get a bunch of people commenting on posts telling me to post pictures... I might consider it.

As for news- we have very little. We live in paradise. Lejana is taking this semester to work because we're poor. That's not really a surprise. We just got married, and I'm not a millionaire. Neither is she (though my mother always did tell me that 'you can marry more money in a month than you can make in your whole life', but... isn't that like cheating in school?), so we're making due with what we have. We both plan to finish school at the same time, so, there shouldn't be any problem there, just trying to catch up on student loans, and fun stuff like that.

Welp... Just wanted to get a post out. I'll try to think of some fun commentary (like why people's blogs are so whiney), or a good story to tell (like... anything but twilight) before tomorrow hits. You'll just have to wait in stroked anticipation. :)