Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Cancellations, and Other Things

At work there are a list of things I'd rather not do. This list continuously grows as I discover things I dislike. Here is the small version of that list:

-Fly Phoenix private missions.
       REASON: The ship shouldn't be as complicated as it is. I hate it. I hate that the children can't wrap their heads around it because it is too complicated. The controls are for a 14 person ship, and there are only 6 kids. I hate private missions in that ship. My vote is that it becomes a runabout like the Galileo.

-Fly Galileo School Missions.
       REASON: The Galileo is a shuttlecraft. A Mark VI stealth runabout. As cool as that sounds, our school missions were written around evacuations. It's kind of difficult to imagine stuffing, oh, I dunno, 350 people in there. Or 1,000. Depends on the story. Or, a story that engages the children in a battle... It's a shuttle. Not much you can do. It just sucks to have to attempt to tell those stories in there.

This thing barely fits me and 6 kids in it... Evacuating anyone is almost ridiculous...
-Supervise Current Magellan.
       REASON: The current Magellan is supposed to be a space station... However, this space station avoids the key word of station in every single situation it is posed. A station is a stationary vessel that fuels vessels, issues commands, and does administrative things. This particular space station has Warp Engines, Impulse Engines, Thrusters, a transwarp core, a cloaking device, a planet buster, a system that turns the entire station into a weapon, etc. The consistency, and ideas placed in it frustrate me. It is turning into a battleship. I will love it then.

-Kitchen Duty
       REASON: Mostly because I would rather play pretend than do actual work. Actual work isn't that fun, you know?

So there is my short list of things I prefer not to do. There are many other things that could be attached to this list. But these are the ones that make me the most angry :P!

Today, I was scheduled to fly the Galileo for a summer school group. Summer school groups frustrate me, because A) I feel that parents should be more involved in their children's lives than to let them fall into the pangs of summer school. B) The children already struggle in our ships, so adding the density of most summer school children is hard to stomach and fly with. C) It's the galileo for a school mission... GRR... I woke up in a slightly frustrated mood, and geared up for work.

My mood lit greatly though, when my father talked to me about my fiance and I's honeymoon. We have it purchased and paid for, and I couldn't be more excited than I am right now to take her on this honeymoon my parents have set up for us!! I am stoked!!!

Then I came into work, and they didn't have enough to fill my ship! What a great day =D I love it when the Galileo gets cancelled. That's a very happy thing. I have nothing against that Galileo. I love the Galileo- but Galileo school flights... GRRRR! (Need another repeat?)

Anyways, that was my day thus far. I shall get on with it. I have to go do insanity... Ugh...

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Flying Time/Tempting Fortuna

Life is like a roll of toilet paper, it goes faster as it gets closer to the end

Weeks come and go, and it's crazy how fast they do so. Some days are long, others pass by at warp speed without me even knowing they come. Work has been hectic, so much to do, and not enough time, campers always need attention, and of course consistent customer service. And of course you cannot possibly keep everyone happy all the time, so it makes multiple situations more frustrating, but that goes without saying.

Plus, the wedding isn't coming fast enough. 1 month, and 5 days, and I just want it to be tomorrow. I miss Lejana worse than life itself. It doesn't seem fair that I can't hold her hand, or stare into her beautiful eyes, or whisper into her ears and tell her how much I love her. Isn't that what engaged couples are supposed to be able to do?

And thusly, time continues it's effervescent journey which loops and twists in all manner of varieties, and sings forth into the abyss of the world as it connects every human being to it's whims.

This week has been a frustrating one. This is in stark contrast to the previous week, because I loved it. The kids at work were well-behaved and fun, there was always someone smiling about something, the kids would get into the stories we told here. It was a GREAT week. This week was like we'd all been crammed into extremely tight quarters, and some people wanted to kill too many others.

Though blind, Fortuna sees all, and hears all that is spoken from her special throne on Mount Olympus

I made the mistake. I tempted Fortuna. She is the great, and abominable temptress of the Space Center. For years she has made her presence known to our staff, and her mischievous ways tackle our efforts often. I proclaimed that she could not touch bring me down, and she dropped me to my knees.

It all started with the Insanity workout. Jon Parker (co-worker/friend) and I began the program on Monday of this week while we were at work. It just seems convenient to do it there, and get it done. So Jon and I have done it every day this week. However, doing this at work necessitates showering. We have a shower at work, that shower is on deck 2 of Voyager. Earlier this summer we discovered that taking warm showers on deck 2 is not a wise decision, as it sets off the fire alarm. When the fire alarm goes off, the boss gets unhappy. By setting off the alarm, and the risk of said alarm going off- the boss has been leery of allowing us showering privileges.

The issue arose when I discovered that if I take cold showers, that the alarm will not be evoked. It stays dormant, and happy. So, I have gotten away without an incident. My boss was talking to me about how much trouble showering was, and I explained that I could shower without setting off the alarm. The boss told me that Fortuna would find away, and I replied with fervor, "THERE IS NOTHING THAT FORTUNA CAN DO! FOR BEHOLD, I HAVE DISCOVERED WATER OF THE MOST COLD NATURE THAT DOES NOT GIVE OFF STEAM, WHICH CANNOT CONDENSATE, AND SET OFF THE ALARM!"

From Mount Olympus, Fortuna was listening. She was listening, and she heard every word I declared. From that moment a smile curled in her lips, and she whispered softly, "The goddess of luck shall meet you soon," she hissed. And thus the war was started. Her army of miscreants, against me.

Life instantly became a disaster. Everything I touched begin to crumble in my grasp. I tried to play basketball with some of the campers, and a kids shoes broke. I tried to help in situations that I usually help in, and was chided for it. I tried to enjoy a basketball game, and workout later (against the wishes of my boss, who wanted Jon and I to work out earlier so that we could shower at the pool) which proved to be a tortuous test of the boss' patience. Yes, Fortuna's army made their point, and I sit here waving readily my white flag of surrender.

And there I sit, atop her wheel of fortune. This week I was sent spinning off like I'd never before been atop that wheel. What will she allow for me next week? Only the fates can know...

The lesson that I take away from this is to never tempt the temptress. She controls the fate of luck, and will not let die so easily blasphemy spoken of her. She has the power to degrade and uplift. She will sometimes smile upon us, or bury us in fury. But never, never tempt Fortuna.